About Us


About PDO

PDO International was setup in 2016 in Mumbai, India with a focus on developing green renewable energy in a cost effective ways using the latest technology and trends. With our team of skilled specialists, we are destined to partner numerous households and corporates, to harness the power of sun for our future generations. Ultimately lowering the energy costs, improving profitability and bringing down our carbon footprint.

In whole of South Asia the demand for energy far exceeds the generation, we are still running power generation plants that are based on old technology and burn fossil fuels, thereby polluting the environment. By using renewable energy and designed grids we can not only improve this situation but also lower the carbon footprint; thereby; helping our future generations cope up with problems related to pollution and global warming. It is with this passion that we, at PDO, aim to work and provide solar solutions to our customers.

PDO International provides turnkey EPC solar energy solutions from concept to commissioning for solar PV and also operation and maintenance services throughout the lifetime of the project. PDO provides end-to-end solutions including engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for our customers seeking to build photovoltaic solar power plants. As a part of EPC contract PDO provides;

  • Engineering Design.

  • Equipment supply and civil construction.

  • Installation and commissioning.

  • Warrantees and guarantees post commissioning & handover.

  • Operation & Maintenance Services (long & short term).


With the blatant use of fossil fuels for generation of energy, we are not only overusing this critical resources to extinction but also creating a lot of pollution. However, by the use of solar power we can reduce pollution to a large extent.

A typical household requires a 4 KW solar unit. This unit can over its lifespan of 25 years. Lower the CO2 gas (pollution) generated by 90,500 kgs. This is equivalent to planting 2,316 trees or reducing the pollution generated by driving a car for 3,35,000 kms

Thus the mission of PDO International is to

Harnessing the Power of the Sun for our Future Generations”