Installation Types



Rooftop Installations

A roof mounted solar system can range from small 1KW systems to large MW systems. The solar panels are installed on any roof style. Depending on the capacity of the system the output can be 1-Ph/ 3-Ph and LV/MV. Roof mounted systems come with up to a 25 year production warranty.


Ground Mounted

A ground-mounted solar system is for owners who have open property. Ground-mounted systems are designed to make the most of the available space and sunlight while remaining easy to maintain. These systems are designed to withstand all wind up-lift zoning requirements and come with a 25 year production warranty.


Solar Carport Systems

A carport solar system is a viable solution for the residential or commercial business owner looking to take advantage of solar power without sacrificing valuable parking, or large portions of expensive real estate. Carport structures are custom built or existing car parking structures can be modified to install solar panels for optimal energy production.


Solar Water Pumps

The Pump (Surface/Submersible) is powered directly by solar photo-voltaic system for lifting water from an open well, reservoir or tube well for irrigation or drinking water for both human and livestock.

Off-Grid Systems

Rooftop or ground mounted solar panels are utilised along with battery backup (as a secondary power source of power), benefits the owner when there is unavailability of power